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Belam-Riga established in 1993. During the years of its activity, company has implemented a considerable amount of projects for more than 1000 clients. Owing to its commitment to results, attitude and a professional competence of employees, Belam-Riga is able to offer the implementation of projects of any difficulty level in a timely and qualitative manner.

Belam-Riga is a system integrator that focuses on a turnkey implementation of projects. Key priority for company in terms of work with Customer is the supply of the entire scope of services necessary for project implementation. Belam-Riga professional staff begins its work at the stage of idea shaping, thus allowing Client to avoid possible difficulties, mistakes and extra costs.


• Software
• Planning and designing
• Design management
• System integration
• Indoor/ Outdoor Cable works

• Indoor/Outdoor eguipment
• Installation
• Adjustment
• Commissioning

• Construction works
• Warranty
• 24 х 7 support
• Testing and Repair



Signalling systems, optical transmission (SDH/DWDM), data transmission networks, voice solutions, GSM-R, HBD, PDH, dispatch systems, video surveillance, passenger information systems, and related construction works.


Video surveillance, access control, fire detection and alarm, voice and data transmission networks, IPTV.


Wired and wireless data transmission systems, access equipment, switching equipment.


Wired and wireless networks. Operator solutions for voice communication arrangement.


Whole scope of equipment and services for arrangement of intercom. The support of various telephony types (IP, TDM, hybrid systems, DECT), as well as wide range of terminal devices (telephone sets, headsets, conference equipment).


Implementation of client tailored telephony applications. Data centres, IVR, billing systems etc.


Analysis, consulting and support during the implementation of Microsoft Unified Communications systems (including Lync, Exchange).


Belam is a company with more than 20 yearlong work experience. Today Company has more than 1000 implemented projects, a developed network of branches both across Lithuania and in other countries.
With its experience and a considerable staff, Belam can offer a Customer the entire scope of services during a project implementation. Professional staff begins its work at the very first stage of the project when the Customer is only shaping an idea. The staff helps the Customer to transform this idea into a qualitative, secure and effective solution. Owing to financial stability and professionalism of Belam, Customer can be sure of the result and the further delivery of qualitative support for the systems built.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct

All employees have access to this Code of Conduct. The objectives associated with this Code can only be achieved if all persons concerned play their part. Consequently, all employees are called upon to review their own conduct according to the standards presented in this Code of Conduct and to consciously work towards identifying those fields of activity in which improvements are possible. Belam endeavours to provide its employees with all information they need in order to be able to avoid any breaches of the law or the Code of Conduct. Executives are obliged to act as role models and ensure that employees observe this Code of Conduct. All employees are expected to consult their line manager if there is any legal doubt regarding their own conduct or in the event of any indication of legally dubious incidents in their working environment.


In dealing with business partners and state institutions, the interests of the company and the private interests of the employees are to be separated from each other. Actions and decisions are made free of irrelevant considerations and personal interests. The respective applicable corruption law is to be observed. The following is to be adhered to: Non-cash payment as a return service for a preference in business neither must be accepted nor offered, promised, allowed or approved. Likewise, in dealing with business partners, personal advantages of value must neither be demanded nor accepted. In business, the employees must not offer, promise, demand, allow or approve gifts, payments, invitations or services, that are given in order to influence a business relation in an inappropriate way or that endanger the professional independence of the business partner. This does principally not affect gifts and invitations in case of business-usual hospitality, customs and politeness. In case of uncertainty whether there is a conflict of interests, the respective supervisor is to be informed.

Human rights

Compliance with internationally recognized human rights is respected and supported.

Child labour

The regulations of the United Nations regarding human and children’s rights are to be respected. In particular the Convention on the Minimum Age for Admittance to Employment (Convention 138 of the International Labour Organization) as well as the Convention on the Prohibition and Immediate Action for the Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour (Convention 182 of the International Labour Organization). In case national regulations provide stricter standards as regards child labour then those are to be given priority.


The employees of Belam are requested to oppose any kind of discrimination within the framework of applicable valid rules and laws. This applies particularly to the discrimination against employees due to their gender, race, disability, ethnic or cultural origins, religion or ideology, age or sexual orientation.

Involvement of business partners

The employees of Belam are requested to observe the mentioned rules of conduct as regards all business transactions and decisions, above all the selection of business partners. Partners who are doubted to comply with these rules of conduct are immediately to be asked to comply with them (for example forced labour, child labour, human rights); if necessary, they are to be replaced by other partners.

Product Quality

Belam competes on the basis of product quality and reliability, employee integrity and customer demand for our products and services. We are in business to satisfy our customer’s needs with products and services that provide the highest possible value. Careful attention to quality not only enables us to meet customer specifications, but it also has a direct effect on our operating costs and profitability. We are all responsible for delivering quality products and service to our customers and to drive continuous improvement.

Environmental protection

Belam gets responsibly involved with a clean environment. For this purpose the environmental protection law specifies binding standards which are implemented and maintained by Belam. The members of the staff in charge of activities relevant to the environment are aware of their special responsibility with the observance of the environmental protection law and the high in-house standards. They are aware that violations may cause penalties and claims for indemnity by third parties towards Belam or the employees. They are supported by the management representative of Belam. In Belam high priority is given to a gentle treatment of natural resources. To meet this standard Belam is permanently working on improving the ecological efficiency. Appropriate measures and projects such as material savings, energy efficient planning, operation of buildings as well as preventing, reducing and recycling of waste shall aim at gaining a minimum effect of all company processes on the environment to contribute sustainably to environmental protection and in particular climate protection.
Environmental legislation is already considered with the development of our products and services and the selection of our business partners. Already during the stage of development special attention is paid to an environmentally friendly design, technical safety, health protection and the selection of materials. With the selection of our suppliers both economic aspects and ecologic as well as social criteria are considered.

Occupational safety and health

Safety and health are treated as responsibly and methodically in Belam as the subjects of quality, environment, productivity or cost efficiency. Belam, as an obligation, protects the health and safety of its employees in every place of work. To ensure this, we set highest standards on health and safety. We take all reasonable and convertible steps to ensure a safe, healthy and clean working environment. The basis thereof is each provided by the national legislation of the countries we are working in with our staff. The strict standards on health and safety as well as notification requirement of Belam serve for protecting human life and health of all employees. Every employee is responsible for occupational safety and health protection in his or her range. The regulations for occupational protection and occupational safety need to be observed consistently and sustainably. The existing protection devices and the legally required protective equipment have to be used. All employees are obliged to notify their line manager of every accident. Moreover, the representative for occupational safety as well as the employee representatives have to be informed of the accident. Qualified experts for occupational safety support the management to avoid diseases and accidents.



Support from highly qualified consultants at the very start of the project. Arrangement of insight visits to our existing Customers.


The development and approval of designs of any difficulty level without engaging subcontractors.


Assembly and supply of equipment. Commissioning, testing, training and as-built documentation.


24 x 7 support. Help in the development of existing systems.


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Scope of activity of the Company “Belam-Riga” is as follows:
• Design, installation, integration, commissioning, maintenance and support of data centres, telecommunications systems and networks, data and voice networks, IT systems, servers and data storage arrays, video surveillance systems, fire and intrusion alarm systems, railway signalling systems, SCADA systems as well as power supply systems.
• Design and management of general construction works relating to design of data centres, server rooms and data storage arrays, telecommunications systems, voice and data networks, video surveillance systems, railway signalling systems, SCADA systems as well as power supply systems.
Company strategy is aimed at increase of competitiveness in markets of Europe, Baltics, Belarus, and Middle Asia by more efficient management, ensuring high quality services, reduction of production unit costs and by using latest telecommunication developments.
The long-term goal of the Company is reception of profits by providing a high-level customer service and ensuring stable income level to the owners and employees of the Company.
Within development of offered solutions and services, the Company has determined the following priorities:
• Implementation of projects and solutions on a professional level;
• Use of new technologies and tendencies in the field of telecommunications that can be integrated into multifunctional solutions;
• Maintaining technical service quality and ensuring flexibility on responding to client requests;
• Development of long-term relations with the leading representatives of the field.
Environmental and OHS goals of the Company:
• Identification and control of ecological aspects depending on their influence on environment, constant reduction of environmental influence risks.
• Ensuring monitoring of Company use of natural and energy resources;
• Taking measures on prevention of emergency situations;
• Training of personnel on actions in emergencies and systematic testing of personnel preparedness;
• Take measures to reduce risks in work environment;
• Prevent accidents and reduce risks by ensuring safe work environment;
• Meet regulatory compliance in the field of OHS.
Information on quality, ecology, and occupational health and safety policy has been brought to attention of the Company personnel and all parties concerned.


Belam-Riga believes that the personnel of the company largely contribute to the success of the company in the market. The crucial criteria for any of Belam-Riga vacancy are knowledge, potential and aspiration for best results. We pay great attention to development, professional growth and involvement of the staff members with the company’s life.

The personnel policy of the company aimed at development of well-qualified team capable of fast and efficient achievement of targets of any complexity level. To achieve this goal, the company provides comfortable and convenient conditions for each employee.

Great attention paid to work safety, development of individual motivation and compliance with the standards accepted in the company. Special attention paid to training and professional development, including self-training, seminars, and in-company training events.

Due to continuous development of professional strength, knowledge and skills of the staff members the company keeps, extending the scope of services offered to the customers. This is the reason for Belam-Riga leadership in the market.



— Higher or incomplete higher education;
— Perfect command of Latvian, English, Russian;
— Successful experience in work with clients in the field of voice and data transmission or similar;
— Communication skills;
— Ability to adapt quickly to change of circumstances;
— Readiness to assume responsibility;
— Positive work attitude and desire to succeed.

— Work in an international company;
— Career and growth opportunities;
— Comfortable working environment and friendly team;
— Competitive remuneration.

— E-mail:
— Fax: +371 67013410