For more than 25 years, the company Belam-Rīga has been the supplier of voice transmission equipment at the markets of Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Uzbekistan, both for small companies and for distributed enterprises with the highest requirements concerning communication functionality, quality, and security.
Among our solutions, the customer shall find any necessary voice transmission technologies. Our company provides standard telephone exchanges (TDM/IP) for offices, and specific operative-technological communication systems for high-security facilities, public address communication, and other types of specialized systems.
Apart from telephony systems as such, we also ensure integration of complementary telephony functionality:

  • Contact centers (call centers);
  • Specialized hardware for contact center personnel;
  • Automatic callback systems;
  • User SW telephony applications;
  • Speech recognition systems;
  • Voice recording systems;
  • Conferencing software and hardware;
  • Telephony integration with Microsoft Skype for Business



Presentation of the capabilities of telephony systems and interpretation of customer tasks

  • Creation and coordination of the concept of corporate telephony and the required applications
  • Establishment of budget guidelines
  • Development of the statement of work
  • Installation and commissioning
  • As-built documentation
  • User training
  • Twenty-four-hour support and warranty extension
  • Professional consultations on further development



We ensure the full project cycle, allowing the employer to concentrate on the problem statement that corresponds to their objectives to the greatest possible extent. By purchasing our services, you obtain:

  • The guaranteed attainment of the stated objectives;
  • Diversity in terms of selection of the technologies and manufacturers used;
  • The high quality of work implementation and the informative as-built documentation;
  • A solution that conforms to the highest industry standards.