Category: Data Transmission

Avaya recognizes the differentiated value of the Nortel Data Networking business as a foundation to Unified Communications. Avaya Data Networking provides advanced enterprise-class reliability, performance, and security that customers throughout the world depend on to run their businesses. Because solutions are streamlined to better utilize and manage networking resources, an Avaya Data Network can uniquely deliver both mission critical dependability and superior return on investment.


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Avaya’s Data Networking Solutions offer an assorted portfolio of products that enable Enterprises to build networks that are more Dependable (7X resiliency), efficient (40% more energy efficient), and cost-effective (up to 50% less cost) than the market leaders. The Data Networking portfolio has expanded and refreshed most of it key offerings. In the past year alone there are several noteworthy accomplishments such as introducing pervasive 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) capacity, acquiring Identity Engines technology, and being the sole vendor to break the stackable terabit barrier.


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