Belam | CCTV



The CCTV system ensures the optimization of the premises security processes and the automation of the site access processes.

We offer the CCTV systems that are customized for the tasks and environment of the employer’s infrastructure. Within the framework of cooperation, we ensure all the processes required for the successful commissioning of equipment.

Our solution portfolio encompasses configurations of any level of complexity, starting from small systems of several cameras and ending with projects of national significance, including the implementation of number-plate recognition and the installation of thermographic cameras for the needs of the border guard. If required, we ensure the integration of all security systems into a single solution, which allows the designated personnel to perform the monitoring of all systems from one dispatcher workplace.

We are not confined to any specific products or manufacturers, and we determine the most suitable configuration together with the customer, thus ensuring flexibility in the further development.



  • Site visit and examination of the available infrastructure
  • Creation and coordination of the concept of the CCTV system
  • Establishment of budget guidelines
  • Development of the statement of work
  • Design (technological design and construction design)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • As-built documentation
  • Twenty-four-hour support and warranty extension
  • Professional consultations on further development or modernization



We ensure the full project cycle, allowing the employer to concentrate on the problem statement that corresponds to their objectives to the greatest possible extent. By purchasing our services, you obtain:

  • The guaranteed attainment of the stated objectives;
  • Diversity in terms of selection of the technologies and manufacturers used;
  • The high quality of work implementation and the informative as-built documentation;
  • A solution that conforms to the highest industry standards.