Belam | Belam-Riga celebrated its 25th anniversary



Belam-Riga celebrated its 25th anniversary

The official celebration of the company’s anniversary took place at the end of December. Staff, partners and friends from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Denmark, Sweden and the USA gathered together to congratulate Belam-Riga and celebrate this special day. Congratulations from the mayor of Riga were read at the event.

Ludmila and Mark Katz greeted guests on behalf of the company management at the Great Guild. The evening began with a performance of famous Latvian musicians. Inese Galante was responsible for the classical part of the concert programme, while dance music hits were performed by Intars Busulis.

Mark Katz, the Director of Belam-Riga, addressed his guests with a greeting speech and thanked the staff and partners for many years of productive work, which allowed the company to take a leading position on the market of telecommunication services. “Each year we go forward and implement ambitious projects. In 25 years, we have completed thousands of grand-scale orders in dozens of countries.  Our main value is our team that keeps proving its professionalism and efficiency year after year”.